Our Commitments To Our Clients

At Cook & Watkins, PLC, our attorneys view the practice of law as an honorable, even noble, profession. We are the administrators of a system that, with trial by our peers and the ability to cross-examine adverse witnesses, is the fairest system of justice ever developed by man. We are the oil of the greatest economic machine in history, the basic components of which are private property and freedom of contract. This engine has lifted countless people out of poverty and eliminated starvation wherever it has been employed.

We love our work and have a deep respect for the legal system. That respect and our natural inclinations have resulted in some very firm ideas about the importance of integrity in the practice of law.


It is commonplace for businesses of all types to talk about integrity. Here it is a living, breathing reality (to borrow a phrase from Atticus Finch). We believe each of our clients has the right to expect that when we take on a project, we will understand the client's goals, we will help the client reach those goals, and we will do so for a fair price. To do less is stealing. If we fail in any part of this process, we breach our primary responsibility to our client.

There are other ethical issues that come up, of course, potential conflicts of interest between clients, for example, and we strive to resolve those in accordance with the highest standards. But, this first duty, this duty of loyalty, competency and honest service, exists in every engagement and it is a duty we take so seriously that it shapes nearly everything we do.


Our clients expect excellent work produced in a timely fashion. Those expectations impose considerable stresses on all of us. But, it's the good kind of stress, the stress not unlike that of a sports team striving toward and achieving excellence. We work very hard, but in an environment where everyone works hard and where the people who continue to work here all view the work as extremely important and share the goals and commitment to the process. (We all have the best jobs in the world — we get to help people, people we like and who are making a positive difference in this world — and they pay us for it!).

The integrity which informs and directs our work for our clients is reflected in our relationships with each other. We are honest, civil, positive and not without a sense of humor (we take our work seriously, but are not overly serious about ourselves).

Dedicated To Our Clients

Mr. Watkins and Mr. Cook each have practiced law for more than 35 years at the highest levels, and each brings that experience to bear on every matter that arises in this practice. Our offices are small enough to make this possible. The commitment of the lawyers and staff to our clients makes the efficient use of every available resource (including the expertise of Mr. Watkins and Mr. Cook) a daily reality.

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