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Our Primary Practice Areas

Whether you need advice on a business deal, guidance through a court case, or planning for your future, we have you covered. Click on any of the topics below for more information or use the button below to schedule a time to talk with us.

Business Transactions

The attorneys at Cook & Watkins have decades of experience helping our clients navigate all aspects of forming and owning a business. Whether you’re just starting out, need additional capital, have negotiations to conduct, or need to wrap up your business, we can help.

Complex Business Litigation

Litigation is a common fact of conducting business, but it does not have to be a painful experience. Whether you have been sued or need to enforce your rights, Cook & Watkins has experienced litigators ready to walk you through every step and help you to achieve the best outcome possible

Real Estate

At Cook & Watkins, PLC, we are committed to representing clients in transactions and litigation involving real property, because we know the importance that real property has to individuals and families beyond the monetary value of that property. The real property you own is more than a chunk of the Earth, it’s your place in the world. Our goal is to provide the same passion about your property rights that you have coupled with the skills necessary to secure your place in the world.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Most people have opinions about how they would like their assets divided when they pass away. Without an estate plan, those opinions could be disregarded. In addition, probate can be a lengthy and expensive process. Proper estate planning can protect your estate and your loved ones.

Elder and Guardianship Law

Unfortunately, as we and our loved-ones age or in cases of physical or mental disability, it can be hard to manage our affairs. We genuinely care about our clients and want to help you to make the best decisions for your future and for the care and protection of your loved-ones.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Our lawyers represent clients in disputes with their insurance companies over what their policies cover. If a claim is made against you which you think should be covered by your liability insurance policy and the insurance company denies coverage or notifies you that will defend you but reserve its right to later deny coverage of the claim, we can help. Similarly, if property you own is damaged or destroyed and your property insurance company denies your claim, we can help.