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Complex Business Litigation

We Understand The Needs Of Kentucky Businesses

At Cook & Watkins, PLC, we are litigators of business cases. Trying cases and handling appeals is what some of our lawyers like most to do. Of the litigation we do, 99 percent involves a claim that someone breached a contract. Our transactional work is enhanced by our litigation experience and our business litigation is enhanced by our transactional work.


Drafting contracts gives us tremendous insight into how to litigate breach of contract cases, and litigating breach of contract cases gives us great insights into how to draft contracts. We put contracts together and we take them apart. We encourage you to review examples of our work and testimonials from our clients. That review will confirm the breadth and depth of our business trial and appellate practice.

Experienced Litigators

We have successfully litigated or arbitrated cases involving:

We will also handle divorces involving complex business valuation issues and cases involving significant personal injuries.

Mediation And Other Alternative Dispute Resolutions

We are loyal advocates for our clients’ best interests. If a more expeditious and cost-effective solution can be found through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration, we can confidently address your concerns in that setting as well. In fact, we believe that arbitration is the most efficient way to resolve business disputes when negotiation and mediation have failed. We strongly recommend that every contract we draft contain a provision requiring arbitration of disputes.

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