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Probate and Estate Administration

Proactive Measures For Avoiding Probate

After the passing of a loved one, surviving family members must take steps to finalize their estate. For assistance with probate and estate administration services, turn to the attorneys at Cook & Watkins, PLC.


Probate is the court-supervised process that manages the assets and outstanding debts you leave behind when you pass away. Not all assets need to pass through probate. Assets that are housed in a trust, have a designated beneficiary or are owned in joint tenancy are exempt from probate. Kentucky also allows heirs to informally settle estates outside of probate using notarized documents.


Many people wish to avoid probate because the process can be timely and costly, especially when disputes arise. Probate records are also public, and you may wish to keep information regarding your assets private. By utilizing estate planning tools and updating your estate plan at regular intervals, you can make the probate process easier for your loved ones.

Assistance For Executors

The executor named in the will or a court-appointed personal representative is responsible for managing the closing of the decedent’s estate. Duties include:

Although the duties of an executor or personal representative are relatively straightforward, the lack of a will, missing assets or a probate dispute can add complications. To streamline the process, our lawyers can provide guidance and handle various duties on your behalf to ensure accuracy.


When a dispute regarding an estate arises, our experienced litigators can help all parties reach a resolution. Our courtroom-tenured lawyers routinely handle complex estate matters involving topics such as:

After the passing of a loved one, tensions can escalate. We recognize the sensitive nature of estate administration and aim to handle probate disputes smoothly and efficiently while still asserting your rights and interests.

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