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When to update an estate plan

Ensure Your Estate Plan Aligns With Your Current Wishes

Having an estate plan in place gives your loved ones a clear outline of your wishes, but the plan is only as accurate as you make it. Although having an estate plan is preferable to having nothing at all, an outdated plan may not align with your current wishes. Review your estate plan and make changes with help from the estate planning attorneys at Cook & Watkins, PLC.

Updating Your Plan

Contrary to popular opinion, comprehensive estate planning is not a one-time event. Often, people create estate planning documents, place them in a safe deposit box and then forget all about them. But after creating an estate plan, you may experience a significant life event or change your mind regarding the distribution of your assets. If you fail to update your estate plan, your assets could wind up in the hands of someone you no longer intended as a beneficiary.


Reviewing and updating your estate plan allows you to:

Tax and estate laws change periodically. Reviewing your estate plan at regular intervals ensures compliance with both Kentucky and federal laws. Whether you experienced a life change or it has been three or more years since you reviewed your estate plan, our lawyers can help you review and update your plan.


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