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Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Proven Track Record of Success

“Personal security and private property rest entirely upon the wisdom, the stability, and the integrity of the courts of justice” – Justice Joseph Story


At Cook & Watkins, PLC, we are committed to representing clients in transactions and litigation involving real property, because we know the importance that real property has to individuals and families beyond the monetary value of that property. The real property you own is more than a chunk of the Earth, it’s your place in the world. Our goal is to provide the same passion about your property rights that you have, coupled with the skills necessary to secure your place in the world.

Our Experience Informs Every Real Property Transaction We Undertake For Our Clients

We have considerable experience in the following types of litigation and transactions involving real property:

We Understand That Property is More Than a Piece of Land

The property you own can be your family’s history, your safe place, your security for the future, your goals and dreams. Let us help you fulfil your goals for your real property.

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